Monday, 8 March 2010

I'm back...YAY

Yep you read it right I am back.

My wrist and shoulder are a lot better, and yes I have taken it steady.

As a student I even had problems writting my school work up, and using the computer was just a nightmare.

But hopefully now I will be able to fulfil some of my commitments on here and get my 20 minutes up and running again, get my eggcups done properly and just enjoy blogging again in general.

I havent read everyones blog yet but hopefully I'll get on a bit more this week and post some comments.

The only problem I have at the moment is the amount of ideas floating about in my head that I am itching to have a go at, I could do with an extra day in my week to fit everything in, but I just know that if that happened I still wouldn't have time!

I've been slowly working on a crochet bag for mothers day for my OH's mum. I'm also working on four Bunny BU's for my mum for easter presents. I've also got to make 2 Mothers day cards by the weekend, plus write up about 6 assessment pieces for my course...tick tock tick tock, lol...see I said I needed that extra day slotting in there somewhere.

I've also been asked if I would like to write about crocheting... SCAREY thought, but my other half doesnt think its a bad idea. (I don't think he has seen my english just lately). But I do think it is a pretty cool idea, if I can fit it in somewhere.

The kitchen is still a disaster, but a livable one, I'm not attemping anything until I know I'm not going to have problems again with my shoulder and wrist, just that sometimes it gets me down when I go in there and think 'what a mess!'

I don't know if its because of the spring thing, but I feel pretty good about everything at the moment, except for one family health issue, but that will hopefully be resolved soon, and all the whittle and worry about it will be over.

My daughter has picked up the knitting needles, and though I can teach my ladies at crochet class and knit and natter, and I can control 6/7 year olds, in a sensible way, we just clash. I'm glad she hasnt asked me to teach her to drive or'st there would be major headline in the local newspaper about MURDER!, lol. However I do get a 'please, please' at home when a stitch has wandered off somewhere, or someone has forgotten to fully take off a stitch. She's doing it slowly but if I'm honest she is a very neat knitter and her tension is very good for a beginner... please don't tell her, she would be unbearable to live with :)

Well thats it for now, I'll try and get on a bit more this week and go from there.

happy hooking, blogging and creating folks