Thursday, 28 January 2010

Bazaar Request

Hi everyone,

now I know you are going to think that I have lost the plot a bit here, and I wouldn't normally do this, but...

does anyone out there have any PLAIN coloured egg cups, that they no longer use?

Now the reason why I ask is, I try and go to local events tabletops, fayres etc, and through this I do some fundraising for Macmillan Nurses.

I either have part of the stall just for charity or if anyone asks me to sell their crafts I ask for a percentage of their sales to go to charity.

Now I have seen a cute quick idea using eggcups as pin cushions, BUT can I heck as like get any plain eggcups, trust me I have tried.

So if at the back of the cupboard you any plain ones that are in decent condition, that you no longer use, and you wouldn't mind sending them to me, I would be incredability grateful.

Send me an e-mail for home address.

Thanks for reading this


Monday, 25 January 2010

Queen Annes Lace

This picture shows how it should look like, I used a 3mm hook with 6strand DMC

Just for KC and any others who fancy giving this a go.

Yet the pictures in some places are a little blurry but I hope the written instructions will get you past that.

Use a hook suitable to yarn thickness and off we go - oh forgot to say instructions in American Double Crochet

Chain 6 and join to make a circle

Chain 3, then 13 DC into the space in the middle of the circle

DO NOT join your work it needs to be kept open.

Chain 1 then turn your work

Work a SC into next 2 DC. *Chain 4 then 2SC in next 2DC* - repeat until there are 6 loops sitting on top.

Chain 6

TURN work and place hook into tthe nearest 4ch loop

and slip stitch

Chain 3

TURN work

Work 13 DC's again like the first circle

Place hook into the nearest 4ch loop on the first motif and join with a slip stitch

Chain 1 and turn work

Work a SC into next 2 DC. *Chain 4 then 2SC in next 2DC* - repeat until there are 6 loops sitting on top.

Place hook into nearest 4chain in opposite motif

Chain 6

TURN work

Place hook into nearest 4 chain motif

and off you go again from

chain 3 dcx13

You continue to the length that you desire and you can leave it like that.

If you would like to border like the set that I did earlier, once you have reached the length you do 3 posts of DC in each 4ch on the outside of your work, then Chain 4 2dc in the next 2 sts.

This will fill the scarf out and make it chunkier.

As per usual please post if you don't understand this.


Chain 6 and join into a ring.

Round 1: Chain 3 - work 13 DC into ring. DO NOT JOIN!
Chain 1
Work a SC into next 2 DC. *Chain 4 - SC in next 2 DC. Repeat from * five more times (6 loops).
Chain 6

2: Slip stitch into the 1st free CH4 loop.
Chain 3
Work 13 DC into the CH6 loop
Slip stitch into the the 1st sSC of the 1st motif - chain 1 - turn
SC in next 2 DC
*Chain 4 - SC in next 2 DC. Repeat from * five more times (6 loops).
Chain 6

3: Slip stitch in 1st free CH4 loop of adjoining motif
Chain 3
Work 13 DC into CH6 loop
Slip stitch in next free CH4 loop of adjoining motif
Chain 1
SC in next 2 DC. *Chain 4 - SC in next 2 DC. Repeat from * five more times (6 loops)
Slip stitch into next free CH4 loop of adjoining motif
Chain 6

4:Repeat step 3 for desired scarf length

Happy hooking

To finish off the Pink Set

Sun glasses at the ready - one bright loop hat with flower detail - I really hope it fits my friends head as she only has a little one.


Two and half hours blogging count for 20 Minuters.

This post doesn't look 20 minutes long, but I have been blog hopping all the 20Minuters, saying hi and postingmy thoughts to their work.

And adding as a follower, where-ever possible.

I doubt it does, cos you just know I have some things to show.

I now have to run around like a headless chicken and get my chores done before OH arrives home, lol.

Oh managed to get picture of 20 Minuters up and running too, including picture link


Go take a look

I think there are times when blog land needs to support bloggers and their ventures here.

Taking the step to open ones shop is quite daunting.. but when you see the results, all you can do is say 'WOW'

Now who can't fall for these charming giggle of Iggys


gorgous feltie

If your just visiting or a frequent visitor click the icon to the left Sisters Crafty Creations and you can browse at all their lovely gifts

Sunday, 24 January 2010

Granny Square Tutorial

Hi ladies here is my Tutorial for the Granny Square.

It is very simple and you can find it here

Granny Square Tutorial

Have fun and post if you need help

Saturday, 23 January 2010


Well I did plan to show you some pictures of my new scarf in diagonal box stitch, however it has mysteriously disappeared!

So instead the beginnings of a baby blanket

*wanders off to check knicker and sock drawer - OH was sorting them earlier in my crochet spot*

First lot of 2o Minutes pictures

Here is a Puff hat with Tiralee Rose detail, you can see that I have added chunky beads to give it a bit of something. This is the second time I have done this hat for my S-I-L as she lost the original over Christmas, the second piccie shows a little more detail of the Tiralee Rose.

The rose actually has 3 layers of colours.

Next is a set that I have done for a friend after seeing the set that I did for S-I-L in the brightest of pink. It is a Queen Anne Scarf, but I have widened it with 3 cluster and chain border.

Hobo's too

And how they look like on - (piccies a bit blurry but it was hard to hold the camera and pose my hand at the same time!)

More pictures later hopefully of my other work during the week.

Thursday, 21 January 2010

When life gets in the way

Hi everyone,

if anyone is wondering why I havent been on the net for a couple of days, its due to life.

I have had a lot of school work to do, and preparation for Crochet Class.

As you know I do something each day, but I don't think until the weekend that I will be able to show any of it off.

So stay inspired and thank you for dropping by

Monday, 18 January 2010

Diagonal Box Stitch

Hi ladies and chaps,

I have done a Tutorial for this stitch which you can find here >>>

Diagonal Box Stitch

That is Part One, but just scroll along to the next two posts to get the full tutorial

I am NOT a great photographer but I think you can work it all out.

Let me know if you give it a go

20 Minutes Weekend

Here is my progress report for the weekend.

I started this shawl in Diagonal Box Stitch, and when I got this far decided I didn't like it.

So I unpulled it all and made a scarf instead, that was Saturday and Sunday afternoons work.

And now I have started some Hobo's in the same wool to finish off the set, I'll add a tiralee rose to the hobos, to give it a little something.

The wool is the same as the green grannies, however as much as I would like to tell you what it is called, my OH through the wool band away.

BunnyBU Pattern

I have had many request for this pattern, and I thought I had finished it.......

I must learn never to think, lol.

I have forgotten one vital part - his tail!!!

So I am now rewritting (copy and paste actually) and adding the tail detail.

Once the pattern is ready I have decided the easiest way to sell it would be through E-bay. I have looked at other options but they don't really suit me needs.

So once its ready I'll put a picture on here, like the teddy bear link and it should (fingers crossed) link you to the right page.

If anyone has any problems using E-bay please let me know and we can make different arrangements.

Saturday, 16 January 2010

Joining Granny Squares

As I am unable to use my camera until I get off my bum to get the batteries, I thought I would use this instructional post to be my 20 minutes worth for today. (I will be doing my normal crochet quota later on- I can't help it - I think it is an addiction!).

Anyway i noticed that some folks are making up blankets or afgans and are sort of stuck either because they don't know how to join their work or they think what they have done so far in the square count isn't enough.

I always find that if I join my squares as I go along,
a) that my piece is quite big
b) it can refresh my inspiration.

So here goes,


I will write this bit by bit so it should be easy to understand.

1) Make a Granny Square - phew that wasn't too hard.
(My Squares are usually 6rnds in depth and I work 3 posts to a cluster - a post is a stitch. When I work on the straight there are no chains between my clusters, when working a corner I do one cluster of 3 posts 2 chains and another cluster of 3 posts - this keeps the tension right for Square).

2) Make another Granny Square but STOP one Round (rnd) short - you will use the last round to join your squares together.

Work one length of you Square and work HALF of you corner (1 cluster and 1 chain st).

With your 2nd Square facing you, place the 1st Square behind it, but with its front to the back of the work (squares should be wrong sides together).

Put hook into the coresponding corner of the 1st SQ, wrap yarn and pull through. Pull the 1st stitch on hook thru 2nd st and make a Chain stitch.

Finish off 2nd cluster of corner. (this has joined the corners of both pieces)

Work the next cluster as normal.

Then put hook into the 1st space (this is the gap between cluster and cluster (not posts)= space) next to corner of the 1st SQ and again pull yarn through making a chain stitch that joins both SQ's together.

Continue along the length doing this method.

When you get to the corner again, work half then join as above for Corner Join. ( the corners should met up, if they don't then you have missed a space somewhere - go hunting for it).

Continue around your 2nd Square as normal.

You now have joined two squares together.

Well done :)

You can continue to join your work like so, remembering that as the squares build up you will have to join TWO sides.

I also join the corners diagonally once I have passed the first 2 squares.
Just lay your work on your lap laid out on the area you are working on and instead of working the opposite corner I work the diagonal. It gives a lovely cross stitch detail.

If you want to border your finished work using the same cluster detail that you have used in the Squares, you work as normal in the spaces provided, DO NOT work into the space where 2 sq's met, this will make the tension of the piece wrong.

I hope you can understand theses instructions, if not please comment and I will ammend where possible or try and explain better.

In the piece below (picture quality not so hot) - you can see how I have joined the Squares to make a scarf and hopefully work out from it the half corner working.

In the next picture if you look closely you can see the light colour chain stitch that has joined the pieces ( click the image to make it larger).

Blog Hopping

Well I went off blog hopping ot see all the new 20 Minuters and was quite impressed but much of the work I saw. It was quite inspiring to be honest.

I was unable to comment on everyones, not tht I didn't want too, just the Blogger wouldn't allow me!

So for all those that didn't receive a comment from me, 'keep up the good work and Hi'


can any 20 Minuters please contact me here and help me get the 20 Minuters link picture posted on here.

I am a bit of a dunce when it comes to techy stuff, so nice clear and simple instructions please if you have the time to help me out

Thank you

Todays achievements

OK so today is going to be one of those days.

I have my 20 minutes to report on, I have managed to make Bunny Bu into an instructional PDF, I have my blog hopping to do, I have some alterations to make on this blog, and many other things, including getting new batteries for my camera.

They really didn't last long!!! ( Something that does not impress me). And it may be a thing of showing my 20 minutes a day late every time.

I've been blogging in my class blog if anyone would like to take a quick glance. Something else I have to work on - I really want to get some instruction bits in there, including patterns.

But the devil is in the time I have!

Wednesday, 13 January 2010

20 minutes

Todays and yesterdays 20 minutes pictures.

They are two large Granny Squares - I don't know what I am going to make them into but just playing can be fun

(Hmmm just noticed that there sis something wrong with date stamp - best check the destructions again!)

Quick Comment

I have now linked the Teddy Bear to its original Pattern...

It is FREE... yep I wrote that correctly, its FREE.

I made changes though,

I used a 3mm hook and a double knit yarn.

This changed the size so that my teddy sat in the palm of my hand instead of being just 2 inches tall.
I also used small beads for the facial features and included eyebrows.

Have fun with this pattern as he really is a cutey

I bet you thought I had forgotten...

I havent, I just didn't have time to post last night.

Tuesday night is darts night so it can be quite busy for me time wise.

So I will be posting later with pictures on my craft time from yesterday and today.

I am quite surprised how much I have fitted in, I have a busy life at the moment and I can't see it slowing down much either in the next few months.

But anyhows until later...

Monday, 11 January 2010

Pass the Word

Hi Ladies and any Gents out there, I thought I would share this with you.

I actually teach crochet, and I have another blog on here just for my crochet class. You are more than welcome to go over and take a look.

However this blog is my little corner of the world where its just me.

Anyhows PASS THE WORD - if you are in the UK everyone is going crazy for the new Crochet Magazine and it can be quite expensive, how would you like to learn without the cost?

In my class blog on the left hand side you will find links to LionBrands Video tutorials. They are FAB and easy. (You may have to sign up to site but it is free...).

When I have some free time I will be adding such details to this blog - hopefully near future.

Here is the addy >>> Learn to Crochet <<<

Everyone is welcome and of course comment if you need help

Enjoy and may all your tangles be of joyous designs

More than 20 minutes worth

Well as some of you may know I am trying to go along with the daily crafters over at doing at least 20 minutes of craft every day. However as you know I havent had the use of a camera so here are pictures and details or probably a weeks worth of work.

I hope you enjoy them

Here he is my spring project... I'm thinking Bunny Bu 'On' is his name the 'On' will make sense as more of his friends are made.

You may be wondering about the buttons... they are going to decorate him shortly

And of course just chillin

The faithful Granny Square - of which this bunch are now coasters for crochet class. They are very easy to make and I can make one in about 10 minutes. (Daughter got arty with the buttons they won't be attached!)

And a gift for a friend this has been todays project of which I spent about an hour and half doing, it is 'Queen Annes Lace' with a chain and double quarter clusters, to bulk up this scarf. I'll be working on the wristwarmers or as I call them Hobo's tomorrow hopefully with a tiralee rose with bead detail.

The Bunny is my main project at the moment and it is a pattern I have made myself which hopefully I'll be selling in a local shop. Plus I am hoping to make plenty for the spring fayres, everyone different.

Thank you for looking