Saturday, 23 January 2010

First lot of 2o Minutes pictures

Here is a Puff hat with Tiralee Rose detail, you can see that I have added chunky beads to give it a bit of something. This is the second time I have done this hat for my S-I-L as she lost the original over Christmas, the second piccie shows a little more detail of the Tiralee Rose.

The rose actually has 3 layers of colours.

Next is a set that I have done for a friend after seeing the set that I did for S-I-L in the brightest of pink. It is a Queen Anne Scarf, but I have widened it with 3 cluster and chain border.

Hobo's too

And how they look like on - (piccies a bit blurry but it was hard to hold the camera and pose my hand at the same time!)

More pictures later hopefully of my other work during the week.


  1. I love the crocheting. Is there a pattern?

  2. your 20 Minuters have been spent very well. Love the colours. They really brighten these grey days :-)
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    A x

  3. KC which pattern are you interested in, and Wipso, as soon as I have done my 'chores' I will definately be visiting everyone :)

    Thank you for the comments

  4. Such pretty projects -- I love the flowers. They add just the perfect little feminine touch to everything. Thanks for stopping by my blog!

  5. Some really gorgeous hats, scarfs and mits there - can't believe I've missed so many of your posts the last few days - not sure quite what I've been up to!