Monday, 25 January 2010


Two and half hours blogging count for 20 Minuters.

This post doesn't look 20 minutes long, but I have been blog hopping all the 20Minuters, saying hi and postingmy thoughts to their work.

And adding as a follower, where-ever possible.

I doubt it does, cos you just know I have some things to show.

I now have to run around like a headless chicken and get my chores done before OH arrives home, lol.

Oh managed to get picture of 20 Minuters up and running too, including picture link



  1. I was wondering if a touch of blog hopping counted! Lovely hat in the post above. Thanks for coming and saying hello.
    Diana x

  2. I just wonder how everyone manages in general to post and visit. It's all highly enjoyable, but I find it eats up the time. I will often manage to post or visit but rarely both at once successfully for any length of time. Love the 20 minuters though. I must try and get the link up!