Monday, 11 January 2010

Pass the Word

Hi Ladies and any Gents out there, I thought I would share this with you.

I actually teach crochet, and I have another blog on here just for my crochet class. You are more than welcome to go over and take a look.

However this blog is my little corner of the world where its just me.

Anyhows PASS THE WORD - if you are in the UK everyone is going crazy for the new Crochet Magazine and it can be quite expensive, how would you like to learn without the cost?

In my class blog on the left hand side you will find links to LionBrands Video tutorials. They are FAB and easy. (You may have to sign up to site but it is free...).

When I have some free time I will be adding such details to this blog - hopefully near future.

Here is the addy >>> Learn to Crochet <<<

Everyone is welcome and of course comment if you need help

Enjoy and may all your tangles be of joyous designs


  1. just popped by to say hi - how lovely to have someone to ask for help when it all goes pear shaped!!! I am in awe of you creating a granny square in 10 minutes - takes me a heck of lot longer!!!

  2. Its in the rythme hun, and of course confidence.

    I promise you once you master you basics Granny Squares will whizz on your hook.

    Pop by if you do need help always happy to oblige :)

  3. Well done with your 20 minutes (well, lots of 20 minutes in your Forgive me if I don't check in with you every day as I now have 19 bloggers joining in. If I check everyone every day I won't be able to find time for my 20 minutes. Lol.
    Anyway there is enough of us now to all encourage each other.

    Keep posting your work though.

    Love Fi x