Thursday, 28 January 2010

Bazaar Request

Hi everyone,

now I know you are going to think that I have lost the plot a bit here, and I wouldn't normally do this, but...

does anyone out there have any PLAIN coloured egg cups, that they no longer use?

Now the reason why I ask is, I try and go to local events tabletops, fayres etc, and through this I do some fundraising for Macmillan Nurses.

I either have part of the stall just for charity or if anyone asks me to sell their crafts I ask for a percentage of their sales to go to charity.

Now I have seen a cute quick idea using eggcups as pin cushions, BUT can I heck as like get any plain eggcups, trust me I have tried.

So if at the back of the cupboard you any plain ones that are in decent condition, that you no longer use, and you wouldn't mind sending them to me, I would be incredability grateful.

Send me an e-mail for home address.

Thanks for reading this



  1. Indeed I do! I have two cream and a blue one and would be glad of the excuse to repace them with something more interesting!
    email me you address and I will get them in the post for you (and hope they don't break!)

  2. No sorry, hope you get what you want.