Monday, 1 February 2010

RSI and Dislocated Shoulder

Don't panic... I have the dreaded RSI in my crochet wrist... I warn folks over and over again about this, and yep I've managed to give it myself!

Remember to put your work down sometimes and rest your wrists.

Unfortunately my son dislocated his shoulder at school, which throw many a good plan out of the window. Luckly when it popped out, he managed to pop it back in again - though admitting he felt rather ill and faint at the time.

So very quickly here are some photos of my projects you can see more than 20 minutes worth of work.

The Granny Ripple

Admittingly I didn't actually have a pattern so I have tried my best with it and these where my practice pieces

Bed Runner and beginnings of a Cushion Cover Set

The piece above is large enough for a King Sized bed and hence the RSI! 4 Hours work and not enough rest - be warned!

I couldn't work out a ripple effect for the Cushion Cover so as you can see I just used plainGranny Stitch

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