Monday, 8 February 2010

Another post -

OK so the wrist is better, but I am strapping it up when I am on here or hooking away.

I told my other half I was hooking the other day and you should have seen his face... Boys and their mucky minds!!! lol.

Anyways, I think that time of year is here... You know that time, that you can smell new things in the air.

BUT before new you have to think about old first.

My OLD list at the moment consists of old decoration around the house.

I used to decorate all the way through the house every year, but with so much happening in the last year and half it has been differcult to do.

2nd thing on my OLD list WIP's - I really need to sit down one day and finish them all off, of course one day wouldn't do, but one has to try.

3rd thing on my OLD list - yarn - since I started to teach crochet, my yarn stash has gone crazy.

4th thing on my OLD list - Cards - i am a card maker, invitation maker, wedding favour maker in fact anything to do with paper and glue I make.

BUT the smell of NEW is driving me crackers.

As you will have read I have had a couple of days of no creativity at all :( and it has really hit me hard!

SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOoo... here is the plan ( I don't know if it will work, cos I have a life too!)

I am going to decorate the kitchen/dining room (massive room the width of the house and at least a 1/3 in length).

Whilst I am doing this, I am also going to re-organise all my craft stuff, by this I mean everything! (Too long to list).
This is going to cause me a problem, I don't have a proper craft space. We did come up with the bright idea of using the space under the stairs, but coats, shoes, hoovers, irons, etc etc live there.

But I'm sure I could work something out!

I really really want a log cabin at the bottom of the garden, but that costs too much and we didn't win the lotto this week, lol.

Whilst sorting my craft bits and bobs, I'll also be pulling out any WIP's - these will be my night time projects. (20 minuters, maybe) I'll probably use them as fund raisers too so a good motivation to get them done.

And finally my yarns - looking at other craft blogs there are masses of inspiration for using up my bits - I am determined to get rid of my 'bitty' yarns. So watch out if I come blundering into your blog looking for advice etc.

And 'when' you may be wondering am I going to be doing this....

Next week!!! Yep I plan to do this all in a week. I know Spring madeness has sprung, but I need to get it done.

Here is the time table:

Ok a little cheat..

Thursday is Crochet Class but in the pm I'm sorting craft stuff in the kitchen and paint buying.
Friday is Knit and Natter Class, but again in the pm I'll be sorting again.

Saturday - shifting kitchen furniture and chasing my children out of the house, whilst holding my OH hostage in the house!
Paint the ceiling - two coats.

Sunday - all walls painted - twice! And the wood work. OH can make dinner - he has no choice in the matter I will be laying down the law, lol. ( I must admit his yorkshire puddings are better then mine).

Monday - kitchen furniture back in place and all windows washed and streak free.
HOMEWORK, yep I am a 39 year old student so this is important.
PM - WIP's, WIP's and more WIP's

Tuesday - Friday - home work again in the mornings, and decluttering where needed.
PM WIP's and bitty yarn finished!

I know, I know - Winter Olympics start this Friday too and as an avid fan, I will have to fit this viewing in somehwere, thank heavens for Sky Plus.

So thats the OLD...

Here's the NEW...

I have been so inspired by so many people on here, by comments and e-mail, I would like to start to really think about selling my work properly and designing. I did do a design course years ago, and I have a friend that has the perfect place to sell my work.
So whilst I'm finishing my OLD stuff I'm hoping to design NEW stuff...

Did I say I could smell something in the air?

I believe it is Spring Madness!!!


  1. I'm really loving your blog. A little madness does us all good so please keep up the good work :-)
    A x

  2. Dumfing is a great way to use up bits of yarn!

  3. Enjoyed reading your post! Makes me :) Thank you for stopping by my blog and leaving your lovely comment

  4. Wow, you're going to be busy ...

  5. You do sound busy!
    Got your email, by the way, so will be posting those egg cups as soon as I can find a box to pack them in!