Monday, 8 February 2010

Caught Up

My oh my hasn't 20 Minuters grown.

There are some fantastic projects being created in these 20 minutes slots, big and small. I personally believe they brighten up blog land.

Well done to everyone for all the inspiration that they give and are giving.

Again I have spent the last 2 hours commenting and I apologize if I have missed anyone, but blogger sometimes won't let me post, so please don't be put out if you didnt receive one, I promise I visited everyone on the list!

Also jut a quick note as Jodie commented on the Broomstick Lace, I'll be posting a pictorial, probably Thursday afternoon, if anyone wants to have a go.

I promise that it is a VERY simple stitch, and all you will need is a hook about 4 - 5mm, a 20mm knitting needle or dowl or a broom handle, and of course your choice of yarn.

So please look out for it, and I hope to get a couple of you trying it out.


  1. I'll look forward to your tempt me to try it! (as if I need another crafting project! Can you hear my husband groaning?)

  2. Thank you for popping on over at my blog,,and yes twenty minutes has grown big,,and I think it has helped my try and do at least a little crafting aday..your broomstitch lace is beautiful..have a wonderful day.