Thursday, 25 February 2010

Catch -Up

I thought I best let everyone know what is happening...

The RSI has turned out to be something else!

I have a trapped nerve in my elbow and underneath my shoulder blade:(

It means as you can gather I have done nothing creative now for a long time.

I am on some very strong anti-flammitories(?) and pain killers which are zonking me out a bit.

I've been told it may take some time to sort itself out, hopefully sooner than later because I so want to get on with things, especially things that have been promised to other bloggers.

For now take care of yourself


  1. that sounds very painful and nasty - i hope you take care and get better very

  2. Ouch. I had something very similar not very long ago. My Dr gave me valium to take as a muscle relaxant which helped but it was actually cured with traction of my neck given to my by my physio. Hope yours improves very quickly. Big hug. A x

  3. It sounds very painful but the more you rest now the quicker you will feel better. Easier said than done, of course.