Thursday, 18 February 2010


Well not really ... just off my blog.

If things didn't go from bad to worse!

You know about the kitchen - it didn't happen, even under the stairs didn't happen :(

My WIP's are sat looking at me forlornley (?).

Yep the dreaded rsi came back and to top it off, I have been suffering with a frozen shoulder!

It hasn't been my week at all.

Can you tell, I'll wallowing a bit in self pity - only because its frustrating to sit and do nothing.

All my homework has been hit because I can't hold my pen properly and using the mouse has been painful.

Bodies are amazing things but sometimes they just let you down.

I'm a little excited but nervous about tomorrow as I'm doing a craft taster at the shop, and I have been limited in what I can prepare... but I'm sure some of the girls will help me.

I do have some photo's somewhere to show off some of the things for tomorrow. I'll download them in a bit and get them posted.

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